Blood Wellness Panels

Blood Wellness Panels provide the best warning indicator for undetected medical conditions.

Clinical Toxicology Testing

The solutions we offer are intended to safeguard physicians, patients, and communities from unauthorized use of prescription medications, as well as to provide thorough toxicology results to meet the specific needs of each physician.

Chronic Care Management

CCM services aid with appointment scheduling and reminders, medication reconciliation, wellness checks, and much more.

We offer a complete solution to help you meet the complex requirements of Medicare’s new Chronic Care Management code: 99490. We combine easy-to- use technology with excellent nursing services to provide the most comprehensive care coordination solution available.

Our certified clinical team performs the required monthly services. You get healthier, happier, more satisfied patients and monthly, recurring revenue.



Comprehensive Care Plan

An up-to-date, Comprehensive Care Plan shared with all your patient’s providers.


24/7 Access

24/7 online and phone patient access to clinical Health Assistants.


Patient Enrollment Process

HIPAA-compliant, easy patient enrollment process.


Web & Mobile App

Easy-to-use web and mobile app for patients, their family, and other caregivers.


Monthly Reporting

Monthly reports and all the documentation required by Medicare.

Practice Management

Let TrueLogix Consultants help get you back to what you do best – practicing medicine.

Central Scheduling

An integrated care community comprised of physician specialists and ancillary healthcare providers aligned to optimize the quality of care and patient experience while enhancing provider profitability.

Compound Pharmacy

Our foremost goal is to use our extensive healthcare and pharmacy expertise to provide the best customer care in our marketplace.

DNA Pharmacogenomics Testing

We believe our DNA is our signature on this planet. It holds the answers to the greatest healthcare challenges of our time. Every day, we choose to focus on solutions. To make progress. To inspire. We choose to keep the people we help at the forefront of all that we do.

Surgical Devices

We offer surgical implant products that are specifically designed for our surgical partners.

Videonystagmography (VNG) Devices

Videonystagmography devices to assist the physician in differentiating between peripheral and central nervous system disorders.

Durable Medical Equipment

We are a leading direct to home provider of durable medical equipment and medical supplies serving all segments of the healthcare market with the most comprehensive range of trusted products and top brands available.

Medical Devices

Foster industry knowledge and an imaginative approach to the advancement of surgical technologies. We will be distinguished by our ability to create innovative solutions to treat difficult surgical challenges.